The Round Up

This year.


This is the year I’m going to look back one day and think, that’s where it started.

Before now. I’ve studied, gotten a degree. Studied a bit more. Had my heart-broken a few times. Swanned around. Five years I spent productively, I guess, but aimlessly.

For the first time, I have an aim. I have a goal.

I graduated recently. Again. But I graduated with a passion and a purpose. I graduated with interviews lined up and a job offer for an actual career starter.

I’m still single. That, I guess, hasn’t changed. But with the way my year started, I’m okay with it.

I got myself a social life.

I’m not joking.

I’ve always had friends. But I’ve never had a group, a place I really fit in. I’ve realised more recently that I actually like not having one set group. I move between different people, different types of people. I may not fit in seamlessly but I do fit in.

I’m not bound or limited by my social circle.

And in this year, I’ve met more people and made more friends than I had ever considered. Last year I spent most of my time alone in my room with only my rabbit, junk food and a movie for company.

Depressed? Perhaps.

Now, I barely have a night free and I love it.

So to 2012, the year that was. Ups and downs in abundance and in extreme. I’m ready for a new year, for something different.

In three weeks time I turn 24 and a day later the world rings in 2013 (providing the Mayans were incorrect). And then I will no longer be a student or a directionless bookseller.

I’m ready to start the next stage of my life.


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