Tjoon Monday : Mango Groove

Last Monday I started the week off with my favourite song, Nessun Dorma.

I quite like this. Start the week off on a good note (music note, geddit? Har har har. Ahem.)

So this is my new thing. Every Monday morning I will post an old school, feel good song. One that inspires memories of summer days, high school moments, stolen kisses and first sneaky cigarettes. Or sends you hurtling back to childhood days, sleeping on the couch while your parents and their friends jam out late into the night.

Like with this one. Mango Groove. The soundtrack to my childhood, whom I was fortunate to see perform at Kirstenbosch last night.

It filled me with pride. Honestly, it did. There we sat. People of every age group and lifestyle choice (hipsters/ hippies/ jocks/ nerds/ etc) mouthing the words and cheering loudly. Anyone alive in the nineties lived with Mango Groove in our ears and in our feet.

So here we go, enjoy!

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