A Week of Laundry

My little woven laundry basket is overflowing, the lid balanced precariously atop a mound of crumpled clothing

As I was pulling out clothes by the handful today, the materials twisting in and out of each other, I came across a top I for a second didn’t remember wearing this week.

And it occurred to me, my laundry basket is like a calendar of everything I have done in the past week. My life, as represented by the clothing I was wearing.

And it has been a busy week. So I thought I’d do something different. My week in laundry.

Lions Head hike

Monday | Lions Head hike

On Monday, I climbed Lions Head with my flatmate.

(Leggings and an orange vest).

A new favourite activity of mine, we try to do this as often as possible (which translates to about once a week).

This Monday was notable though, because for the first time in the few weeks we’ve been doing this we managed to get all the way up the dirt hill and all the way up the stone stairs, around the corner and to that rickety old bench that overlooks Signal Hill before we stopped for a breather.

Tuesday | 27 Dinner

Tuesday | 27 Dinner

On Tuesday, having spent the entire (and I mean entire) day inside my flat waiting for the plumbers, I was beyond thrilled to have a really great reason to leave my Little Flat of Boredom and attend my first ever 27 Dinner at Frieda’s on Bree Street.

(Black pencil skirt and a flowery, flowing blouse).

The theme was animation withy two great speakers, the first who spoke about the art of storytelling and the second being the CEO of Triggerfish Animations.

I sat at a table with some old friends, saw some new friends and met a bunch of tweeps I hadn’t yet had the pleasure of putting face to handle. Stunning evening.

(Oh, and shared a chicken brie and cranberry burger which sent my tastebuds to food heaven).

Wednesday | Cocoa Cha Chi

Wednesday | Cocoa Cha Chi

Wednesday, caught a quick dinner with the gorgeous @_darlingclaire_ and her son in Obs, at Cocoa Cha Chi.

(Stone washed jeans and a navy top).

Ate a whole pizza, marvelled at a Spiderman colouring in book and was unlucky enough not to catch a single glance of Barney the Dinosaur, who was apparently playing hide ‘n seek outside.

Thursday | First day on the job

Thursday | First day on the job

On Thursday I started, quite spontaneously, at a new job. Only for two weeks, I’m essentially a temp slash ‘intern’.

(Floral, denim ankle biters and a yellow sleeveless blouse).

My flatmate works there, she BBM’ed me on Wednesday morning saying the job was mine if I could start the very next day. So I did. Missed the last two days at Red and Yellow, sadly. Oh well.

The first day on the job was quite fun. The boss gave a credit card and a shopping list, and off I was sent to buy: x1 orange bikini; x1 padded white bikini; x2 white string bikinis; x3 sailor hats; and as much gold body paint as I could find.

Thursday | CHOC Corporate Relay

Thursday | CHOC Corporate Relay

And straight from work, I drove to Central Park behind Canal Walk to take part in the CHOC Corporate Relay.

(Leggings and a purple t-shirt).

A friend of a friend’s mother is involved with this charity, which looks after children and their families who are forced to leave their homes and travel to bigger cities to seek treatment for cancer.

Each team had five members, who each had to run 3km. I made it. probably ran about a third of the way, and the other 2km I limped along with a stitch in my side and a fire in my chest.

But I made it round and my team didn’t come last, so success!



Friday. Nothing happened.

(Mint green sleeveless blouse with collar detail and a black and grey Aztec print pencil skirt).

Well, no.

What happened was I had my measurements taken at gym which depressed me so much it kept me n the couch all night moping into my tea and frankly, this deserves a blog post of its own.

Giant mirror ball

Giant mirror ball

Oh, and also some guys rolled a giant mirror ball down Napier street. Yip.


Saturday | Graduation

And Saturday I graduated!

(Striped babydoll dress with gold belt).

The Red and Yellow School of Logic and Magic has give me a great year and without a doubt the best education I have received in six years and three institutions of tertiary education.

The folks and I started our day at Terroir, the restaurant at Kleine Salze Wine Estate in Stellenbosch where I had the best BEST starter. Prawn risotto with sauce Americaine.

And I know you’re supposed to photograph before but I forgot. So here’s my empty plate.

(Main courses were loin of Karoo lamb; loin of springbok; and pork belly. And then veg and fancy.)

Popped into Mooiberg Farmstall to pick up three bottles of mampoer as gifts for my lecturers (leaving a lasting impression, I hope).


And finally, off to Spier for the ceremony.


And today? Well, today I have had breakfast at Hello Sailor.

Decided to have a month of soul cleansing.

And am just about en route to my first Kirstenbosch concert of the season, Mango Groove.

My week. And what a week.

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