Goosebumps and Perhaps A Tear or Two

My favourite song is Nessun Dorma.

Bet you’re surprised at that.

It’s true. The rise and flow of the music, I feel it in the depths of my soul. It’s unnerving and breath taking and I love it.

And then throw someone like Paul Potts in the mix, the sweet and shy and plump cellphone salesman who plucked up every ounce of courage he had to enter a talent competition and sing, sing until the judges cried and the audience were on their feet and screaming.

It’s old, a good few years now (spoiler alert: he wins!) but I was just thinking of it and I Youtubed the video and even though I’ve seen before, I felt the tears prickling my eyes and the goosebumps sending shivers along my arms.

Just, fantastic.


Best way to end a Sunday, or begin a Monday.

One thought on “Goosebumps and Perhaps A Tear or Two

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