Things You Should Know About Me (vol. 4: Pride)

The last few days. The last few weeks. My self-esteem is low, a shallow puddle.

I’ve written about it a few times. And I’m starting to bore myself.

So now I’m doing the opposite. Instead of wallowing in all the things about me and about my life that have me reaching for the chocolate cake, I’m instead going to think about what I’m proud of about me.

So here goes.

16] It took me six years of various study paths but I finally found my niche. And in those six years I earned a degree (BA International Studies majoring in politics, history and psychology) from the University of Stellenbosch; completed a course in Public Relations (at Cape Peninsula University of Technology); and achieved my post-grad diploma in Marketing and Advertising Communications at one of the best advertising schools in the country, The Red and Yellow School.

17] I’ve been through a few bad break ups. A few rounds of ye olde heartbreak. I found solace in movies, series and hordes of junk food. Comfort eater, hi there. And while I have a long way to go, I made the decision a few months ago to get off my ass and do something. That something was gym. I train twice a week with the beautiful Leilah Kirsten at 360 Training in Woodstock. Recommend recommend recommend. And then I walk. Up mountains. Along the prom. As often as I can. This is the most exercise I’ve ever done in my life. I may not be skinny but I’m strong and I’m fit and I’m happy with that. My next challenge is food.

18] I have the greatest friends. I have friends I’ve known since I was born, friends I met at varsity. Friends I met this year. The best friends, truly. And I’m proud to be associated with and liked by these fantastic people. And I’m proud of myself, the once cripplingly shy kid can now interact with just about anyone in just about any social situation. People don’t intimidate me or scare me anymore.

I wanted to do more but I’ve run out. Fishing in a shallow puddle here.

I’ll think, something will occur to me.


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