Presenting: Ridiculously Photogenic Kid

A couple of months a photo of a random guy running a 10k marathon in South Carolina was posted online and the next thing we knew, it was a viral meme known only as



And that’s where it started.

Next we had RIDICULOUSLY PHOTOGENIC SURGERY GIRL who posted a picture of herself on Reddit’s Ask Me Anything, shortly after major surgery to remove 60% of her lungs due to illness.


There’s the controversial RIDICULOUSLY PHOTOGENIC SYRIAN REBEL, a freedom fighter photographed in June in the war-torn region of Idlib, Syria.

And my personal favourite RIDICULOUSLY PHOTOGENIC HOMELESS GUY, a former model who now lives on the streets of Curitiba, Brasil. According to his mother, drugs drove him to the streets a year ago. His looks, however, remain intact.

And now, let me introduce to you the cutest kid I have ever met in my life. EVER.

I took this photograph myself two years at a NPO crèche in Kayelitsha on my first ever Operation Shoebox present drop. I don’t know his name only that he had the greatest smile I have ever seen.


Love that smile. Love.

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