The Cape Town Summer Line Up

This past weekend was too much fun. Just way too much fun. Sunshine, adventures, good food, my favourite people.

It’s got me all excited for the start of summer and the amazing things the Mother City has to offer, above and beyond the beaches and the parties.

I’m making me a LIST. Bitches love lists.

1. Cape Town Festival of Beer

23 – 25 November at Hamilton’s Rugby Club, tickets are R90 per day and the festival runs all day. So line your stomach folks, we got some DAY DRINKING to do with over 150 types of beer to choose from!

2. Old Mutual Kirstenbosch Summer Sunset Concerts

Every Sunday from 25 November to 7 April, different musician perform on the big stage in Kirstenbosch, at the foot of the mountain.

I’ve been going to these since I was a little girl, smuggling in balls (which are banned, along with cigarettes and dustbins) and playing on-on on the lawn. Take a picnic. Take your kids. Get there early and enjoy a couple of hours in the sunshine before the music starts, and the line up is good. Got my eye on a few dates in particular.

Tickets are on average R110, with some exceptions depending on the performer. And kids, ages 6 – 21, are about R80.

3. The Galileo Open Air Cinema at Kirstenbosch Gardens

This is a new one! The Grand Opening is the 21st of November with a showing of Where the Trail Ends and the play once a week on the Marquee Lawn in Kirstenbosch Gardens.

Tickets range from R60 to R85, depending on if you want blankets and chairs too. Check out their page for the line up, the showing movied based on this schedule:

1st  week of the month: Documentaries
2nd week of the month: Best Foreign
3rd  week of the month: Adventure Sports
4th  week of the month: All-Time Classics

4. The Pink Flamingo Rooftop Cinema at the Grand Daddy Hotel

The Grand Daddy Hotel on Long Street is famed for it’s rooftop caravan suites, their version of the penthouse. Every Monday they turn their rooftop into an open air cinema, kind of a drive-in feel without the cars. Movies are classics, ranging from Audrey Hepburn romances to Bruce Willis action to Cameron Diaz chick flicks. This is The Pink Flamingo.

The cheapest ticket options are R60, which includes a welcome drink, popcorn and old school sweets. Pricier options include gourmet picnics and whatnot. Be warned though, book early.


15 December at Cape Town Stadium, this years theme party for the Mother City Queer Parade is FAIRYTALE FANTASY. Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty … here’s your chance to be a Disney princess!

I’ve never been to the Cape Town Gay Pride Festival (aka MCQP) but I’m excited. I inadvertently stumbled into a gay pride party in Madrid a couple of years ago and it was the BEST party.

General tickets are R290 and the party runs from 8 am to 4 pm. Whats that, more DAY DRINKING?? Yes, more day drinking. But better because it’s for a fabulous cause (creating awareness and encouraging acceptance of the LGBT community by South Africans) and you get to dress up pretty.

6. The Cape Town Yacht Party

Organised by my good buddy @MrBrasilCPT, this is promising to be party of the season! Check out the Twitter account (@yachtpartycpt) for deets and to get your tickets.

And don’t forget the pre-party on 9 December, R150 a ticket!

7. Up The Creek Music Festival

8. Klondyke Cherry Farm

Cherry picking? Yes please. Biggest problem is I’ll probably eat all the cherries and have none to take home with me.

Season begins end of November, they think. (You can’t rush the cherries).

9. The Clay Cafe

Parents, this one is for you to. But not only. It’s in Hout Bay. I have spent many many happy hours on the balcony overlooking the mountains, painting plates and mugs and platters and eating the MOST delicious chocolate cake you have ever had in your life.

They have great specials for kids in the holidays and also throw super fun kid’s parties.

And for the big kids (like me), this is a soul resting activity.

10. Markets err’day

Err’day and err’where. My favourite is The Bay Harbour Market

There’s the ever classic Old Biscuit Mill, the Stellenbosch Slow Market, the City Bowl Market on Saturdays and Thursday nights, the Blue Bird Garage Food and Goods Market in Muizenberg and I’m super keen to try the YOU & ME & EVERYONE WE KNOW Market.

Check out this site for everything you need to know about Cape Town markets.

Champagne walks up Lions Head. Picnics in Greenpoint Park. Sundowners on Chapmans Peak. Strolls along Sea Point Promenade. Days on the beach, our toes in the sand. Ice cream in cones, dripping down our arms.

Also visit Cape Town Magazine for a daily calendar (yes, DAILY) of happenings and food and drink specials around Jou Ma Se Stad.

What’s your favourite Cape Town activity or event this summer? Post your comments, I want to know and I’ll add it to The List.

3 thoughts on “The Cape Town Summer Line Up

  1. it’s a list it’s a list woooooooohooooooo we do so love lists!
    want to go to a rooftop cinema evening! and the mcqp but probably won’t make that one. yachts this yacht party thing? up the creek baby!

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