Dear Santa

I signed up for the Blogger Secret Santa because presents.

Love presents. Love giving them even more than I like getting them. But I do like getting them so to help whoever picks my name (and any family or friends who may be tempted to gift me a little summin’ summin’ for my birthday in six weeks) this is a list of things I love and things about me that might inspire you.

I’m feminine but not girly. I like quirky, kitsch and edgy. I like simple. Or check out my Pinterest page to get a feel for my style.

1. Teacups
I wrote about teacups just recently. It’s my new love obsession, I have a dream of creating a collection of tea sets and teacups, mismatched and lovely. (And also tea. And coffee. Any drink that involves a kettle).

2. Animal Shapes and Prints.
Not like animal skin print, no. Like actual animals. Rabbits and birds in particular. I have my heart set on a pair of hand carved wooden rabbit bookends from Hout Bay market (R400). Also, owls.

3. Colour
Summer, Spring and neutral colours (brights and pastels, no neon and no dulls) but most especially blue. I love love love blues. And a bit obsessed with peachy coral colours, in particular an overpriced cotton blanket from Woolies. Which brings me to…

4. Turquoise is my birth stone.
I love turquoise stones as jewelry and the colour for everything else, from clothes to bath towels to the blanket on my bed.

5. Pop culture

Anything from the seventies, eighties and nineties. Things from my childhood. Awesome band logo’s, classic movies. Posters and prints. I have a huge jar of Chappies bubblegums in my room, a growing collection of John Hughes DVD’s and a few old Betty and Veronica comics.

6. Jewelry
I wear earrings every day, but only ever studs. I wear rings and necklaces, but only long ones. Nothing which sits to close to my neck. I love real feathers, wood, silver, a hint of gold and stones. I don’t like diamantes or chunky bracelets.

7. Books and movies
I’m a book lover. I read good fiction, mostly crime or historic. And I collect special children’s books and quirky gift books. I love love Edward Monkton and Axel Scheffler. And DVD’s, I love buying old, cheap DVD’s. I love classics, Disney, anything by John Hughes. I love classic romcoms and action films, I’m keeping my eyes open for Bridget Jones at the moment.

8. The Brothers Grimm
I wrote about this recently too. Technically, they’re also books but I’m listing them separately. I have started collecting illustrated editions of the original Brothers Grimm stories. So far I have Snow White and Little Red Riding Hood.

Eight is an odd number to end on but I can’t think of anything else right now. So there it is! Have fun, secret Santa. I’m looking forward to stalking whoever I pick and trying to find the perfect, relevant gift for under R100. I pride myself on gift buying. It tis an art form and one I love.


4 thoughts on “Dear Santa

  1. Love the Brothers Grimm as well, have quite a few old illustrated books that got passed down to me. Do yourself a favor and watch the series Grimm… loving it. Also there’s a book series called Unenchanted Fairytales based on the Grimm stories – awesome twist!

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