Yours Passionately, the Matrics of 2012

I went to Springfield Convent for high school. Convent girl, go figure.

This was posted on our old girl’s Facebook page recently so share it around and lets see how many letters they can get! It is an initiative by the Springfield matrics but they are hoping to involve people from all over, from students to educators.

For more info or to send in your letters please contact Stephanie at

Share share share!

To whom it may concern,

A few days ago, a group of Matrics joined together to start an initiative called “Yours passionately, the Matrics of 2012”. We are collecting letters from Matrics to President Zuma, letters containing an individual commitment to being a part of creating change in South Africa. It is aimed at encouraging a social conscience, ending the spreading attitude of apathy among youth and holding the government accountable. I have attached a letter explaining the full details of the project, which we would love you to read if you have the time. Because our main channel to other Matrics is through Facebook, we are asking for help with contacting as many schools as possible. If you know of any Matric teachers, school leaders, youth leaders or members of the media who could pass on the initiative, especially to schools outside of the southern suburbs, we would really appreciate your help. Our due date for all letters is the 28th of November 2012, so any support in sharing the project in the next few weeks would really be invaluable, as we aim to reach Matrics from a wide range of backgrounds in a very short space of time.

Many thanks
Stephanie Roche
Matric 2012

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