Pink Ponies: A Case Study

If you are in advertising, in PR, marketing, any form of communications or publishing or production. If you are a student. Even if you just bother to watch the videos I’m always posting you’ll know that in this industry case study videos always follow a similar formula.

The Brief. The Challenge. THE BIG IDEA. The Execution. The Results.

This case study is by an agency called john st. (yes, all small letters!). It documents their toughest ever challenge, which took place in 2010.

The client? Chelsea Bedano. The brief? Throw the best eighth birthday party EVER.


I laughed for dayzzz.

Although this video was poking fun at the industry, a bit of advertising humour, it was actually incredibly successful in garnering much free press for the agency.

Check out this quote from one of the creators of the video

My partner and I were asked to create a self-promotion piece for our agency. It got us thinking about how most agencies use case study videos to highlight their achievements. Considering how manipulative and self-aggrandizing these videos can be, we figured they were due for a good spoofing.

Despite no paid media or PR, the project picked up a ton of coverage online through social media, trending as one of the top 10 most tweeted about comedy videos for a week straight. It went on to be featured in a ton of blogs, magazines, newspapers and even more traditional media sites like

We also received calls and emails from presidents, CEOs and Executives from a number of fortune 500 companies as well as prominent figures within the marketing industry.

Success, I say.

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