What’s Your Rank?


You may have heard the term LSM (Lifestyle Standard Measurement). Advertisers, marketers use it to determine a target market based on the kind of lifestyle they have.

It is not based on income but on how you live, where you live and what you have. It was developed by the South African Advertising and Research Foundation (SAARF) and on their website there’s a handy DIY classification chart so you can find out where you would fit on the LSM scale.

The numbers are a bit tricky but give it a try. I did it based on my current lifestyle which doesn’t include domestic help, a dishwasher or DSTV and I landed up with a score of 1.411954 which puts me at a 7 on the chart. I was mildly surprised, I did think I would be a bit lower than that.


Because this measurement is based on where you live and how you live as opposed to income there cannot be an LSM 1 living in the Western Cape. We are too urban for that and living in an urban area already gets you points.

So give it a try, see where you land up!

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