Portraits by Red | She Creates Portraits Using Mediums No Art Store Will Ever Stock

One of my favourite websites is Demilked. Normally I just tweet the posts I find really interesting or cool but this particular one deserves something extra special.

And also because Demilked only focuses on one portrait at a time.

The artist is called Red. The government and probably her grandma call her Hong Yi. She is a beautiful young woman living in Shanghai and her speciality is portraits.

But not just any kind of portraits. The coolest, most insane portraits you have ever seen.

Red takes inspiration from her subjects and uses materials inspired by them. For a famous Chinese basketball player, she used a basketball as her paintbrush.

A Chinese singer who’s song begins with a line about coffee cups had his face immortalised in coffee cup rings.

Mark Zuckerberg is, with a hint of the corny, created out of books. Face – book. Facebook? Geddit? (She used 36 copies of Game of Thrones to create this).

Then there was the portrait using 750 pairs of black, white and grey socks and strung out in a Shanghai sidelane on washing poles as an ode to the old traditions of the city.

Most recently Red created a portrait of Adele inspired by the lyrics to Set Fire To The Rain where she burned hundreds of blue candles, guiding the melting wax to where she wanted it.

I’ve posted the video of this but make sure to check out her Youtube channel OhISeeRed to watch her creating all of the pieces I’ve showed you above.

I am completely gobsmacked at how she does this. How she can visualise where to pin the socks or cut the books. How she knows where to put her coffee cup down.

The absolute vision, imagination and maths that goes into creating each of her portraits is utterly incredible.

Fan for life. Can’t wait to see what she does next.

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