#FirstWorldProblems: A Hashtag in Perspective

I hate it when the car guard tries to direct me into a parking spot.

When my normal barista is off duty and I have to actually say my coffee order, I fight to keep the annoyance out of my voice.

The Chinese restaurant delivered noodles with my chicken chop suey instead of steamed rice.

I had to pay R20 parking but I only had a R100 note so now I have a bag full of R5 coins.

#FirstWorldProblems. Hashtag FML. Hashtag OMG.

Do we even hear ourselves speak? And does it make it worse that I live in a ‘developing’ country, surrounded by poverty? New rule: R10 donation to a charity of your choosing every time you use the hashtag.

This isn’t my idea. Someone, perhaps someone who recognises this hashtag as offensive and ridiculous, has turned it into an advertising campaign.

Have fun with it, it is fun, but then remember where we are and do something about it.

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