10 Teams 10 Brands 10 Grand

And 10 days to pull it off.

In honour of their tenth birthday Prezence Digital put together this fantastic brand challenge experience and invited marketing students from around Cape Town to battle it out for the grand prize (pun intended) of R10 000 and one internship position.

I’ve blogged before briefly about an amazing piece of work done by Prezence in 2012 [HERE]. The #MandelaStory celebrated Madiba’s birthday this year by imagining how his life may have played out on social media.

Each of the ten participating teams were given a charity to work with. The brief was to identify their greatest brand or business challenge and create a digital campaign with the aim of alleviating this issue.

My team for this brand challenge were given SHAWCO Health, an association tied to UCT. They do a truly fantastic job of providing basic healthcare to impoverished communities around Cape Town through the use of mobile clinics. They run two clinics in different locations every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights. The pediatric clinics run every Wednesday morning and alternating Saturday mornings, in different locations.

These clinics are staffed almost entirely by volunteer medical students.

I wont give away too much detail as we haven’t yet discussed what we will do with the campaign ideas we presented. But just know, it was awesome.

Prezence Digital thought so anyway. Hells yes, we won baby!

Team #ChangeALife

So in keeping with the theme, here are ten things I have gained from this experience:

1. The simplest ideas are often the best.

2. Trust your gut. You know when you have a good thing going.

3. A short deadline can be a blessing. Inspiration flowed due to time pressures, risks were taken out of desperation. And it worked.

4. Winning teamwork is about recognising each others strengths and about recognising your own.

5. Calm in the face of chaos, something I can do.

6. Probably don’t drink coffee just before you go into a presentation and are already nervous. The hands shake and the bladder cries.

7. We may be amateurs but we are not useless.

8. Advertising is power. Power to manipulate, power to convince. And power to change lives.

9. There is no greater adrenaline rush than standing in front of a roomful of influential people and presenting an idea that you already know is a winner.

10. This is the career I want.

Huge thanks again to the team at Prezence Digital. This was truly an incredible experience, and I say that regardless of our win. The opportunity to meet and discuss our ideas with Prakash Patel (CEO, for those not in the know) is really quite overwhelming. It’s one thing for us to sit in our lecture halls and learn at an academic level and quite another to be sitting in the boardroom of one of our country’s most successful agencies, shooting ideas off their Big Boss.


[I have included links to both Prezence and SHAWCO’s websites, check them out. SHAWCO is genuinely a fantastic organisation. They are always in need of both financial assistance and the volunteered time of qualified doctors and medical personnel. Have a chat with them.]

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