Dear Chappies SA, #DidYouKnow?


Ogilvy and Chappies, the square bubblegum’s that are tied to the childhood memories of so many Saffa’s, are running a social media campaign at the moment called #DidYouKnow.

On the inside of every Chappies wrapper is a list of ‘Did you know?’ facts which we used to read to each other, while sitting cross legged on the school field chewing on fruity wads of yellow or green or purple gum.

Tweeting them #DidYouKnow facts gives you a chance to win amazingly cool branded, retro notebooks which look like old video tapes.


So here, for your general knowledge, a list of facts as compiled by yours truly:

1. #DidYouKnow that South Africa won 21 gold medals at the Beijing Paralympics? And we’re hot favourites this year too!

2 #DidYouKnow, Dr Seuss wrote the iconic book Green Eggs and Ham using only fifty different words, as a dare from his publisher.

3. #DidYouKnow, one in every ten children in Europe are conceived on an Ikea bed.

4. #DidYouKnow, if you keep a goldfish in a dark room it will eventually turn white.

5. #DidYouKnow, I tweet about tea at least once a day.

6. #DidYouKnow, my great-grandfather was the last mounted policeman in Simonstown. He retired when he was bucked off his horse, after he accidentally tapped his pipe on the animal’s rump. Or so he claimed.

7. #DidYouKnow, the dot that appears over the letter ‘i’ is called a tittle.

8. #DidYouKnow, I haven’t decided how many of these I’m going to write.

9. #DidYouKnow, most people have probably stopped reading by now anyway.

10. #DidYouKnow, the lighter was invented before matches.

11. #DidYouKnow, Sentinel Mountain in Hout Bay (Cape Town) was for sale in 2008.

12. #DidYouKnow, in the Victorian era prostitutes shaved their pubic hair to prevent lice and wore pubic wigs to hide this.

13. #DidYouKnow, some female penguins will engage in prostitution. They are paid in pebbles, which they use to build their nests.

14. #DidYouKnow, there are more people alive today than have ever died.

15. #DidYouKnow, it is not possible to tickle yourself. No matter ticklish you normally are.

16. #DidYouKnow, it is physically impossible to lick your own elbow. Unless you’re my cousin.

Elbow Licker

17. #DidYouKnow, if you say ‘gullible’ really slowly it sounds like ‘orange’.

18. #DidYouKnow, the word’s ‘ridic’ and ‘lolz’ were recently added to the Oxford English Dictionary.

19. #DidYouKnow, my favourite Chappies bubblegum is the purple one.

20. #DidYouKnow, the Chappies logo reminds me of my childhood. And this is why I really want that notebook.

So what do you reckon? Twenty facts good enough for you?

How about one more for luck:

21. #DidyouKnow, at this exact moment Chappies SA has 26,622 Facebook likes and 740 twitter followers.

(Take a listen, the Chappies radio jingle from the 1970’s!)

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