How A Mexican Grill Made It To The Grammy’s And Changed The Face Of Fast Food

Just goes to show that any brand can make a difference. What business does Chipotle, a brand I had never heard of before this,  making a splash at the Grammy Awards or influencing fast food giants MacDonalds to change their policies?

What the marketing team did here was in fact so simple. They took an idea that has been gaining in popularity for a few years now and they applied it to their brand. And then they exploded it. Natural, organic food has slowly grown into a trend which is still ignored by the world’s most established food retailers. Chipotle, a Mexican grill (I can’t get over the arbitrariness of this), took on a challenge to ensure that their food is of the best quality. “Back to the Start”. Back to the basics.

A simple idea, and look what they achieved. I bet they didn’t expect this to happen.

This is the case study that was submitted to the Cannes 2012 committee, where it won the Film Lion category as well as the Branded Content and Entertainment category.

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