Mom Says Chocolate Isn’t Good For Dogs But You Can Have My Milk

A little Sunday inspiration to end off what has been a stormy, vomit-filled long weekend. For me anyway.

If I’m not down a pants size tomorrow, this stomach bug will have been a complete waste of time. Also, due to illness, forgive my commentary here. I fear it may be somewhat mundane. Let the pictures speak for themselves!

I stumbled across a Tumblr blog during the week,  an official account tun by Oreo.

This year Oreo turns 100 years old. A truly legendary biscuit. Who doesn’t know the twist and lick? And in honour of this anniversary the marketing team for Oreo set up the Oreo Daily Twist. This blog is and will be celebrating one hundred momentous occasions in 2012, with Oreos.

Say whaaat??

Yes. With Oreos.

I selected a few of my favourites but do yourself a favour and browse through all five pages of the blog. They are brilliant.

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