Don’t Forget To Stop Sometimes

It’s the same route I drive every day. Up Suikerbossie, round the top of the hill and there lies Llandudno. Ten minutes of curving mountain road and endless ocean and then cut up through Bakoven and onto Camps Bay Drive.

The same route I drive every day and ever day I marvel at the beauty and remember again why I love my city the way I do.

The same route home again and today I overtook a car. Why? I had no where to be. Rushing home to do what. Nothing of importance, nothing that couldnt wait ten minutes.

We’re living life in a rush. Everyday since February I’ve driven the same route and been amazed by the same views but today was the first time I pulled my car over and stopped.

Smell the salt, feel the breeze. Watch the movement of the ocean and appreciate what is in front of you.

Ten minutes. Thats it.



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