The Day A KFC Ad Made Me Cry

I did not expect to cry in a KFC ad. Ever.

Usually they’re pretty funny, quirky.

This one was made in 2011 by Ogilvy Johannesburg and rather than try to explain it myself I’m going to quote them on what this was about. This info was found on their website, right over HERE.

To launch “So Good”, KFC’s new global pay-off line, we needed to create a thematic, highly emotive commercial that would resonate with people and provide a platform to build on for our future messaging. Working off the insight that our sense of smell is intimately connected to our memory, we teamed up with Bouffant’s Erik van Wyk to create a captivating, back to front love story. The tender sense of nostalgia is amplified by Ellie Goudling’s remake of Elton John’s classic, ‘Your Song’.

Our concept required a very post-production intensive technique. The seamlessness of each age transition is a testament to the talent, and copious amounts of visual effects work, of the team at Sinister Studios.

I love it, for the record.

People say sex sells. You know what, emotion sells too.

What is it about old people dancing that gets me every time?

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