A ‘what if’ look at the life of Tata Madiba in honour of his 94th birthday.

Created by Prezence Digital Production, this video takes a look at how Madiba’s life, and therefore the history of our country, may have been different if social media had existed on the scale that it does today. Using Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Instagram and Pinterest – the extent to which politics is influenced today by these platforms.

If you do some Googling you can already see numerous examples of political strifes which have been escalated by public involvement via social media. Think of the Egyptian liberation protests, the London riots.

Heck, even the fatal strike on Osama Bin Laden’s home was inadvertently live tweeted by an annoyed civilian being kept awake by helicopters.

Take a look:

And wishing the old man a very happy birthday!

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