“If we’ve had a busy day, we’re doing it wrong”

This evening, as we walked to dinner, we passed the big church. The Big Church.

The air was loud with the sounds normal to a city. Scooter engines and car hooters and the sound of the mothers deep in skinner about friends from home. And then, as we neared the church, singing permeated our senses. Beautiful singing rang out from the open windows of the church.

The choir was practicing.

Aah, Malta. Beautiful, eccentric Malta. Where the modern world clashes with the old school daily, everywhere.

Incidentally, I am sitting in the lounge with my feet in a bucket of ice water in a desperate attempt to quick-heal the most enormous blisters on the soles of my feet. The result of a brisk and unexpectedly long walk to the supermarket this morning.


The supermarket FFS.

Today we have done nothing but eat, sleep and swim. Bliss.

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