We’re All Going On A Summer Holiday

By now you will be aware that I am going on holiday.

I’d hate me too.

Therefore there will not be much happening on this here lovely blog o’mine. I will try to post, I am taking the tablet and apparently there is a certain spot on the balcony where one can pick up free wifi from a nearby hotel.

But don’t be disappointed if I am a little bit quiet for the next two weeks.

In fact, embrace it. It is a rare occurrence.

The itinerary goes like this:

Family B flies Cape Town – Dubai – Malta.

Seven days in Malta.

Fly Malta – Zurich.

Drive Zurich – Lech (Austria).

Three nights in Lech with the extended family.

Kirst and Mother B fly Zurich – Dubai – Cape Town.

Arrive home on the 15th, I think. Or the the closest Monday to that date anyway.

Speaking of, can someone tell my college that I’ll only be back on the Tuesday? Ta.

Much love, my darlings. I’ll chat to you soon


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