You will have heard me speak about my dear friend, Lu. You will have seen me reblog some of her posts and you will know that I love this girl.

More than that, she inspires me.

This is my inspiration for this week. Hell, for this lifetime.

Lu is one year older than me, almost to the day.

She is beautiful, vibrant, hyperactive most of the time. The healthiest person I know.

Aside from the cancer.

The cancer which has been ravaging her body on and off for the past four years. Or is it five now?

Today, since 6:10 a.m., she has been in the operating theatre. It is now 12:27 p.m. and I am still waiting for news.

We are all still waiting for news.

While we wait I am remembering the last two weeks. She slept in my spare room, with my cat most nights. And we did Cape Town. We blew Cape Town out the water.

We partied at &Union, at Rafiki’s, at Deco Dance. We went to the rugby and for drinks dates and lunches all around the city. We fed calves on a farm in Malmesbury, bought Steers at 2 a.m. from the Engen on Orange. We danced until we fell down and listened to insane songs about fluffy pink unicorns until I threatened to pull the car over and make her walk. We met people, amazing people, and we laughed til we cried.

There are so many things we didn’t even find the time to do, but somehow it doesn’t even matter. We filled every second of those two weeks with fun and happiness.

Some days she didn’t feel well. Some days she was tired.

But jesus, even I was tired.

And that my friends, is why Lu is my inspiration. Why I offer her as your inspiration too. Today’s operation … well, we don’t know what might happen. Lu, I think, had lost some of her hope. She told me she was here saying her goodbyes. It’s not something I like to think about. Of course not. But if, IF, this was her goodbye she did it beautifully.

So what if she had beer for breakfast? She’s 24.

She suffers no delusion about her health. She probably accepts it more readily than anyone else. She isn’t crawling under a hole, posting pictures of her bald head on Twitter and asking for retweets.

She’s having fun. She’s living her life as a 24 year old. She knows that her last day may come a whole lot sooner than mine. But the truth of the matter is, that if I had lived to 90 without having met her I would not have lived a life as full as hers.

We never know whats going to happen next. With enough luck and good karma, Lu out lives us all. I believe she can do it.

Your last two weeks. What would you do with them?

As for 11:11. Lu wishes, twice a day every day. She explained it to me. I have forgotten some of it, but basically there is a belief that at 11:11 all aspects of the universe are perfectly balanced and at that moment anything can happen.

She won’t be able to wish for a while, so I promised her I’d wish for her.

Maybe if everyone does it, our wishes will come true.

And now, my Lu, just for you. That bloody annoying song you love so much.

12:50. Still no news.

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