Always Coca Cola

Coca Cola has a new advert out, muchos excitement! I’m always happy to see a new Coke ad. They are, for the most part, inspired and uplifting. Coke has been doing advertising right since the beginning.

I mean, except for that minor old Coke versus new Coke debacle (I won’t go into it, but read about it here in the Time magazine). And by minor, I do mean major.

This one pokes a bit of fun at our Big Brother society. If I remember correctly, the average Londoner is caught on camera 300 times a day. Feel free to Google this info, I could be wrong.

CCTV cameras have a negative stigma about them.

Not unfairly. Terrible things are caught on CCTV everyday.

What Coca Cola has done is to remind us that there is so much good in the world too. So much love. So many happy moments that pass by quietly, unnoticed. But moments which undoubtedly have a huge impact on us, on our world.

This message is something which I think very accurately ties in with the role that Coke plays in the  world. It is, I would argue, probably the most internationally recognised brand today. It has been around for over 100 years and for most people, and I do mean most, Coke has played some sort of a role in their childhoods. In their lives.

Coke is the kind of brand that no longer has to self itself. It is well enough established, everyone knows who and what they are. All they have to do now is simply remind the world what they mean to us.

Friendship. Family. Happiness.

This new advert evokes the kind of feel-good emotions that so many of us will associate with the Coke logo, the Coke brand.

They do this best. They really do.

I won’t post them all here, but have a look online for other Coke campaigns. Ones where they installed vending machines that could only be used by two people or more at a time, because Coke is about friendship. Things like that.

This one is their latest one, launched this month.

So watch. Enjoy. And be inspired to look for the good things in life.

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