Things You Should Know About Me (vol. 3: Childhood)

10] The first time I had my haircut by a professional I was probably about nine years old. This was not the fault of my parents. My mother had tried many times over the years to get me into the hairdresser’s chair. Bribes and blackmail failed. Even one of those salons with the cute chairs shaped like elephants and racing cars failed to entice me. I screamed bloody murder, much to the concern of fellow clients. To this day I cannot tell you what I was afraid nor what eventually changed my mind.

11] My other great fear as a child was tractors. Great big noisy things. Ruined many a pleasant Kirstenbosch picnic.

12] My first CD was the Spice Girls. My first concert was Westlife. It was epic.

13] When friends came to play, my mother would put out a big red dish with dividers in it.Cheese cubes in in one compartment, baby tomatoes in another. Always baby tomatoes. And Smarties. There were always Smarties in the middle. I would very carefully divide all the Smarties into equal piles and if there was an odd number I would get the extra. Because you know, it was my house.

14] The man who owns the video shop still knows me as the girl who rented Matilda every Friday afternoon for years. I don’t anymore. I don’t need to, I bought a copy myself.

15] Kideo. ‘Nuff said.

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