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Yesterday the world was introduced to the hottest new boy band, LESSTHANTHREE, with the release of their first video for “You Live Where I Dream”. The group was started by Martin Magner, Dave Colley, and Roy Neubert, in the hopes of becoming the boy band to end all boy bands. Earlier this week I got the chance to get an exclusive interview with the band, and this is what happened…

To start things off, how did LESSTHANTHREE actually come about?

M: After the success of our first rap single ‘Fashion’ we decided to continue on our journey to fame. We wanted to create a reality show, the script has been typed out on my iPad for months, that failed because we all wanted the main role. We then ended up creating a boy band because when we were young we all shared the same idol. The BSB’s. (Backstreet Boys)

R: I’m a sucker…

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