When it Comes to Advertising, SA Wins

You know I love talent. You know I love big ideas, amazing activations. And you know I love South Africa.

The Bees Awards are the first international social media marketing awards and this year marked their third edition. Four South African social media campaigns made it on to the nominee list and two of the four won! *happy dance* I have added links to all videos and winning agencies.

Best Branded Viral Video (nominated): YouTube Interventions by Ogilvy Cape Town

– This campaign used popular YouTube videos to raise awareness about rhino poaching in South Africa.

Best Use of Ad Banners on Social Media Platforms (nominated): Klipdrift and Cola – Ngena Facebook Fan Growth by Quirk

Best Use of Mobile (WINNER): Carling Black Label – Be the Coach by Ogilvy Cape Town (I already blogged about this once! Click on the title to be taken to the article.)

Best Use of Micro-Blogging Platform (WINNER): Twitter Army by Joe Public

– This online campaign was launched at midnight on 30 November 2011. The eve of World Aids Day. An utterly incredible and heartbreaking campaign which helped open up South Africa’s eyes to the Aids crisis. The campaign lasted one day, 24 hours, but it is one which I (as an active tweeter) will probably never forget.

Every one of the campaigns nominated for a Bees Award would have been a deserving winner. There are some madly talented people in the world. I’m going to post two more videos of my favourite favourite campaigns. And also, a few weeks ago I posted the video for the Ariel Fashion Shoot campaign (here) which was nominated in a few categories and eventually won the award for the Best Use of Alternative Tools. Another campaign worth taking a look at.

This first video won the award for the Best Use of Social Media Platform. A shop was opened up in Denmark which sold Anton Berg products. Traditional currency was refused. Items were sold in exchange for promises of generosity, which were uploaded to Facebook to ensure people followed through.

This last video is a fabulous marketing campaign and also an amazing demonstration of the product. Seriously. I’m going tomorrow to buy DermablendPro. Winner of the award for Best Branded Viral Video. It’s incredible, watch it.

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