Postcards For A Friend

My friend is coming to stay with me in two weeks time.

She loves Cape Town, she loves the mountain.

I fully intended on sending her these postcards via snail mail but I kept forgetting to buy stamps and now it’s too late. So they’re here instead. A little taste of what we’re going to do when you get here, Lu!

She’s sleeping now. So when she wakes up, she’ll see these.

3 thoughts on “Postcards For A Friend

  1. Ah this is beautiful, Kirsty! It will get her so excited :) What a wonderful post to wake up to. I would love to meet up with you two when she gets here.

    • I’ve told her she must make plans and I will make sure to get her to them :) I think there are a lot of people who want to meet her! I’ll chat to her, might not be a bad idea to organise a little tweet up somewhere. But yes, keep in touch – must definitely make a plan!

  2. Waking up to this was a truly awesome gift!! Thank you! I can’t wait to experience CT with you! xx

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