Things You Should Know About Me (vol. 2)

6] I’ve been hurt before. More than once. I trust very few people but when I do I trust fully. Despite all this, all the social media accounts, I am a closed person. I cry in public for two reasons: death and injured animals. Other than that you will never see me cry. There are times when I cry daily. You will never know about it.

7] I hate conflict. It is very rare for me to get angry with the people who I love. I have no issue ripping into total strangers, however. Especially when I see someone being bullied. The closest I have ever come to punching someone was in a bar, the man standing on one side of me suggested that perhaps the gay couple next to me were upsetting me and he should have them removed. I think it was one of the few times my friends have ever seen me lose my temper. And that’s a german temper, the worst kind to lose.

8] That being said, working in retail for over a year means I am very very good at dealing with angry people. And crazy people. And arrogant people. One of these days I’ll blog about these people.

9] I hate shower curtains. I’ve talked about it before (here). I hate it when they touch me. So slimy and cold. I literally just got goosebumps thinking about it. I will sleep on  mattress on the floor if it means I can afford a shower door over a shower curtain.

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