Five Phrases To Live By

Here’s a little Friday afternoon inspiration for you.

Anthony Neil Dart is a local designer and director who works in a host of mediums. He’s a graphic designer, a typographer, a photographer, an illustrator and an animator. And more.

He is a thrill to the artistic eye and I think I’m in love. Google him, there isn’t enough space on this blog to show you every piece, as much as I would love to. So I decided to show you this, a collection of posters entitled Five Phrases To Live  By: Massimo Vignelli.

Vignelli was a celebrated Italian architect and designer who is most famous, in the commercial world at least, for designing the signage for the New York City Underground.

He was also a man of great words and an inspiration to many modern-day designers. Dart designed these posters as a tribute to Vignelli, for he is truly a legend in design circles. These phrases combine my love of words and my love of graphic design. They are true to this industry but more importantly, they are true to life.


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