Things You Should Know About Me (vol. 1)

1] The fastest way to lose my respect is to poke fun at a mentally disabled person. Or a physically disabled person. Or at the colour of a person’s skin, their sexual orientation, their religion. The way they choose to live their lives. The way they were born. My greatest pet hate is intolerance. And yes, I am aware of the irony. I don’t tolerate intolerance. There is enough pain and heartache in this world without someone having to deal with being bullied by a person no better than them. In fact, by a lesser person than them.  Bigotry in any form is a sign of weakness, a sign of cowardice. Be nice to people. Life’s much more fun when you are.

2] I don’t eat garlic or chilli. Yup, I’m practically a heathen. In my defence I’m actually allergic to chilli. The garlic I have no excuse for.

3] Actually, I guess I am a heathen. That’s what believers call atheists, right?

4] I don’t drink. It’s not a big deal, unless you make it a big deal. There’s no big story. I’m not pregnant, religious (as discussed) or weird. Well, okay. Probably a little bit weird but not because of the no drinking thing. I just don’t drink alcohol. No biggie. And it definitely doesn’t mean I’m not going out. All it means in your life is that you have a designated driver and a cheap date. Embrace it.

5] I love talent. I love it in all its forms. Writing, acting, singing, design, sport. I love watching a person live out their passion and do it well. I love seeing the beauty that comes with talent. The movement of limbs, the structure of a sentence, the layout of an art piece. I love to experience a person’s imagination, to see the world in another way. Our greatest gifts as human beings are our passions, our talents. So use them.


That’s me.

4 thoughts on “Things You Should Know About Me (vol. 1)

  1. well done chick, you are brilliant well done for being brave enough to start this, look forward to new posts, PS the garlic thing is weird…what is your vampire defence strategy???????? <3

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