Welcome to Visgat

Have you watched the video yet? This is a friend’s farm about four hours outside of Cape Town. It is truly the most incredible place I have ever been to. And I say this as someone who has traveled fairly extensively and who has access to the second most incredible place in the world, Ingwelala. But that is another post altogether.

I don’t know if it is possible to describe in words the magic of Visgat. I fear I may do it a great injustice.

There are no other buildings as far as the eye can see. There is no cellphone signal. The only electricity comes from a battery operated generator, and that ran flat after the first night. There is nothing to do there but simply enjoy nature. Enjoy life.

One would think with a group of about fifteen young twenty-somethings this weekend would have been a blur of alcohol and cigarette smoke. This didn’t happen. What we did instead was read and swim, jump from cliffs and explore caves. We mountain biked and cooked and spent hours floating on tubes or lazing on the deck just talking, playing word games. Being with each other. We drank and we smoked, but it wasn’t the reason to be there. The reason to be there was the absolute peace that I think filled everyone.

I sound like a sap. I know. Until you have experienced Visgat, you cannot know.

// This video was taken a few months ago when we spent a weekend there. Us girls don’t feature, but watch it anyway.//

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